On June 1st, 2013, Andrew and his wife Kate got married near Newport, RI. The ceremony was short and sweet and the reception featured a performance by members of the Atlantic and Triton Brass Quintets.  

Andrew was also recently appointed to the faculty of the University of Connecticut, where he will begin teaching in the Fall.

In August, at the 21st Atlantic Brass Quintet Seminar at MIT, the Atlantic Brass Quintet premiered Andrew's newest composition, Voices in da Fan, which utilized five room fans and other extended techniques. The premiere was a big hit and the ABQ is looking forward to performing it more in the future.

Andrew is excited to be getting the best variety out of his freelancing: from the Iris Orchestra in Germantown, TN, to the regional orchestras of New England; from church weddings to pop/rock/jazz bands; from recitals across the USA with Atlantic, to New England Recitals with Triton; and from master-classes at the world's best Conservatories to teaching private lessons in music programs across Massachusetts.